Community Benefits

community benefits


The management of Wawa OSB Inc. relaunching OSB manufacturing plant in Wawa is very grateful to have been invited to the Michipicoten First Nation’s Youth & Elders Gathering 2022, on their territory.

This was an honor, and we are very appreciative of that. This is a very important aspect to building a solid relationship with the community and we look forward to more opportunities such as these ones.” said Yolaine Rousseau, Executive Vice President of Wawa OSB Inc.

Michipicoten’s Chief Patricia Tangie agrees, “our relationship is just beginning and there could be many more opportunities in our territory for ongoing collaboration between our Nation and the Wawa OSB Inc.
Miigwetch | Thank you | Merci

Consultation and transparency processes are ongoing with stakeholders and Indigenous communities to ensure maximize benefits for all.
The relaunch of the Wawa OSB plant will create over 140 well-paid, direct jobs and provide approximately 450 indirect jobs to an area that lost 100s of jobs over a decade ago when the former OSB plant closed operations.
Project will have a major impact on the economies of all the surrounding communities, including Michipicoten First Nation, Dubreuilville, Chapleau and Wawa.
This project offers important opportunities for synergy with the business activities of SPF sawmill operations.
Pat Tait
Mayor of Wawa

I believe that each one of us living in the area will benefit from the revival of this important wood-based business, both in the short and long-term.

A supported project

Support letter
to the House of Commons

From Mrs. Carol Hughes
Member of Parliament/Deputee

Support letter
to Mrs. Yolaine Rousseau

From Mr. Pat Tait
Municipality of Wawa, ONT

Support letter
to Mr. Brian Hamm

From Mrs. Yolaine Rousseau
Executive Vice-President